December 2008

2008 December Cover

December 2008 SN Cover

Building Team Spirit
December 2008

It takes a team effort to meet the most basic requirements involved in providing school meals. But to go beyond the basics and deliver service, quality, taste and nutrition? That takes a team with commitment, vision and enthusiasm.

School Nutrition asked several SNA leaders to share the details of some of their favorite and most effective team-building activities. Games, exercises, quotes and viewpoints are found in “One for All and All for Kids.” Use these to keep your team engaged and enthused about their mission.

Gossip is a destructive and demoralizing force that can impede your efforts to build an effective team. Understanding the nature and causes of gossip might be the first step school nutrition teams can take to minimize its spread. “Are You a Gossip Girl? (or Boy?)” offers insights into the causes of gossip as well as a variety of strategies to address it.

Some might consider employee diversity a barrier to teamwork, but it actually can be an opportunity to maximize. After all, each of us claims several diversity factors: gender, age, heritage, socioeconomic status, world view and more. “Hot Potato” offers insights into turning a potentially controversial dynamic into an outstanding business trait.

SNA President Katie Wilson, PhD, SNS, notes, “Too often, we disregard people’s contributions, because they do not engage the same way that we do. Make an effort to organize team-building activities that uncover individual strengths. Everyone has something to contribute to the outcome; it’s just waiting to be discovered.”

One for All - and All for Kids /images/icon_m.gif
Build up your school nutrition team's spirit, confidence andcommitment.

Are you a Gossip Girl? (or Boy?) /images/icon_m.gif
What's the buzz? Get an earful about addressing the effects of gossip in the kitchen.

Hot Potato /images/icon_m.gif
Your team can make its diversity the secret to success.


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