November 2008

2008 November Cover

November 2008 SN Cover

Summer Feeding
November 2008

School district administrators in communities where there is a significant population of students eligible for free/reduced-priced meals know that many of the children who rely on school meals throughout the year are at serious risk of going hungry during the summer. That’s why many have chosen to offer some kind of foodservice during the summer months—as a direct sponsor of the federal Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), as part of summer school or as a vendor in partnership with other community organizations.

Recent regulatory changes have made it easier than ever for school nutrition operations to participate in the SFSP. If you haven’t operated this particular child nutrition program, this issue of School Nutrition is designed to point you in the right directions for both inspiration and resources to get started.

All types of communities—rural, suburban, urban, large and small—can benefit from summer feeding programs, as readers will learn from the reflections of directors profiled in “Winning Ways for Summer Days.” Their efforts prove there is more than one way to offer this vital program—and it doesn’t have to involve a monumental effort.

Next, get a close up view of the mechanics of one rural Georgia program that uses school buses to take the food to the kids. Since the school nutrition operation took over the program in Burke County, Ga., participation has quintupled. Truly, they are making “Special Deliveries.”

There are a number of steps to take—and decisions to make—before you can serve your first summer meal. “A Place in the Summer Sun” helps you to get “schooled” in the fundamentals of starting a summer program, from identifying potential sites to determining the best administrative system that meets your specific needs.

This issue also includes a continuation of “The Amazing Adventures of the School Breakfast Heroes,” who encourage your participation in next March’s National School Breakfast Week, as well as a round-up of activities from those who engaged in “Fueling The Future,” during last year’s celebration.

The enthusiasm of all the directors showcased in this issue for their summer foodservice programs is palpable. None have been deterred by setbacks or frustrations. Instead, they have seen small programs grow over time. If they can do it, so can you. What are you waiting for?

Winning Ways for Summer Days /images/icon_m.gif
Learn how summer feeding programs benefit local kids, the school nutrition operation and the entire community.

Special Deliveries /images/icon_m.gif
For many children, the livin' is far from easy in summertime. See how one school district in Georgia seeks to change that.

A Place in the Summer Sun /images/icon_m.gif
Get "schooled" in the fundamentals of summer foodservice.

The Amazing Adventures of the School Breakfast Heroes /images/icon_m.gif
The heroes seek partners willing to "Power Up with School Breakfast" during National School Breakfast Week 2009.

Fueling the Future /images/icon_m.gif
Many schools reached for the stars as they celebrated National School Breakfast Week 2008.


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