October 2008


Future Trends
October 2008

2008 October Cover

During SNA’s 2008 Annual National Conference, Keynote Speaker Robin Roberts admitted that her career trajectory to co-anchor of “Good Morning America” would have sounded impossible when she entered college in the late Seventies. But she never let conventional wisdom stop her. “I’ve always believed in dreaming big,” she told a rapt audience of school nutrition professionals. “You gotta have humongous dreams.”

This month, School Nutrition is all about dreaming of the future. In a way, this is something you do every day already, whether you’re estimating the time required to complete tomorrow’s tasks or calculating how much inventory you’ll need for the entire district.

But SN magazine is taking such forecasting one step further. In this edition, it explores the emerging profession of futurists—folks who study historic and current trends in order to make (very highly) educated guesses about societal shifts and priorities.

First, get a crash course in future studies by reading “Back to the Futurists.” Next, what will school food be like in the coming years? Preview the menu when you read “Be Our Guess.” And if you’re curious about the technology that will help to make these tasty dishes a reality, turn to “Equipped for the Future” for details on inventory that checks itself in, refrigerators that e-mail you and much more.

After you discover what’s being developed for the future of school foodservice, you might want to consider “Ten Top Trends” that could change America—and your school meal program—in the years to come.
When the going gets tough, the tough start dreaming. And why not? As Robin Roberts said, you gotta have humongous dreams.

Back to the Futurists 
Predicting future trends can save you time and money and keep your program on the cutting edge.

Be Our Guess 
Some food trends flourish, and others fade.  What will school food be like in the coming years?

Equipped for the Future 
It's time to step inside tomorrow's school kitchen.

10 Top Trends 
Discover some of the cultural currents that will direct the course of America's future.


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