March 2004


Life Happens
March 2004

SF&N - March 2004The March issue is one of the most-anticipated editions of School Foodservice & Nutrition, as it usually focuses on topics that directly affect readers’ personal lives. This year, the theme is “Life Happens.” Have you created change in your life--or has it come to find you? Enter the lives of several school foodservice professionals in the article “Seasons of Change,” as they share personal stories from facing breast cancer to winning the lottery. Get ready for a new chapter in your career by taking a look at “Walking a New Road,” revealing the rewarding professional changes others have made. And kick off your shoes, shrug off your woes and enjoy reading “Are You a Player?” about school foodservice professionals who spice up their lives with a whole lot of fun! This is one issue you won’t want to miss.

Seasons of Change
How do you cope with a major life change - and still manage your day-to-day responsibilities?  

Walking a New Road 
Explore second (or third...or fourth) career options.

Are You a Player?
Make time for some fun and games.


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