August 2008


SNA President Dr. Katie Wilson/Back to School Season 
August 2008

2008 August Cover

It’s time to go “Back to School” with the award-winning School Nutrition magazine. The annual August issue focuses on valuable strategies to help you jumpstart another great school year—no matter what the challenges are!

First, meet Dr. Katie Wilson, the 2008-2009 president of the School Nutrition Association (SNA). Hailing from Onalaska, Wis., this high-energy school nutrition director is ready to take on any role to meet every challenge, from national nutrition standards to the rising costs of food. Get to know your new leader better by kicking back and reading her story in “Hats Off for Katie Wilson.”

Next, are you stocked up with the key “ingredients” for innovative school menus? In some school districts, a breakfast burrito or a pita sandwich represent exotic fare. But in others, menus are going a giant step further—introducing kids to new tastes, promoting nutrition education and bringing the local communities closer together. Wow! After you read “Lunch for the Whole Bunch,” the way you think about your menu may never be the same.

Here’s more important news for 2008: Get rid of that orange SNA certification handbook. That’s right: Just throw it in the trash. Beginning September 1, 2008, SNA is launching a new program, featuring changes that make certification easier to attain and maintain, while upholding the high standards of professionalism required in today’s school nutrition environment. Learn all about it in “Certifiably Better.”

But that’s not all. Don’t forget to crack open the issue of SN magazine that came to you in the mail, because it has special, additional stories, from creative promotional ideas in “Making Merry” to operators’ experiences with holding cabinets in “Hold Everything!”

Plus, the new offers an array of great tools right at your fingertips. When you’re done reading the magazine, find a full calendar of events for the school year in SNA’s online Promotional Calendar. And be sure to check out the resources at Running Your Program and Marketing Your Program.

It’s the beginning of a new year. It’s the beginning of new challenges, new stories—and new successes. And SN will be with you, every step of the way.

Hats Off for Katie Wilson 
SNA's new president is ready to take on any role to meet every challenge.

Lunch for the Whole Bunch 
Culture, community and creative are key ingredients for innovative school menus.

Certifiably Better 
Learn about SNA's new attainable certification program.


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