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First Lady Michelle Obama Comments on Healthy School Meals

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June 1, 2009 - Late last week First Lady Michelle Obama visited students at Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, DC, to follow-up with them after having worked with them earlier this spring on planting the new White House Vegetable Garden. The First Lady commented on child nutrition reauthorization as follows:   

"...we also need to think more broadly about the quality of the foods that we give our kids throughout -- what we're doing in our schools, in our school lunch programs -- because as the economy gets more troubled, there are going to be more and more kids who are going to qualify and rely on the meals that they get at schools, their breakfasts and their lunches. And the next step -- or one of the next steps in this conversation is figuring out how do we ensure, through the help of the government, as well as local communities, that the foods that our kids are getting in school each and every day is as healthy as it can be, so that we're bringing some of these lessons home and we're also expanding them in the classrooms and in the schools."

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