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May 27, 2009 -- On Sunday, May 24, 2009, the Washington Post covered school nutrition funding challenges, focusing on the need for increased meal reimbursement as well as increasing access to school meals through eliminating the reduced price category. In the article SNA President Dr. Katie Wilson, SNS states, '"These are families that are on the very cusp," Wilson said. "They are making decisions like do they put gas in their car to go to work, or do they pay their electricity. These families do not have the 40 cents to pay for lunch."' The article details examples from the Washington, DC area of greater demand for free and reduced priced meals and the inadequate funding provided through federal reimbursements that falls short of the amount needed to prepare a school lunch.

Today Reuters covered the challenges to menuing healthy school meals in an artcile that was printed in papers worldwide. Focusing on parent and commercial influences as well as open campus and competitve foods, the article does a good job outlining the barriers that Reauthorization can help address.

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