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Sign On to the CN Forum Statement of Principles!

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If you’re a frequent reader of SNA’s weekly policy e-newsletter Tuesday Morning, you’ve probably seen numerous articles requesting your state association to sign on to the Child Nutrition Forum Statement of Principles.  Are you curious to learn more about the CN Forum and why SNA encourages you to sign on to the Statement of Principles?  If so, then read on for answers to your questions!

During Reauthorization years, the School Nutrition Association joins forces with several hundreds of other organizations through the Child Nutrition (CN) Forum.  The CN Forum was founded in the late 1970’s by former Senator George McGovern (D-S.D.), an ardent supporter of the federal food assistance programs, including the child nutrition programs.  Co-chaired by SNA and the Food Research and Action Center, the CN Forum includes a variety of anti-hunger, religious, education, medical, nutrition, direct service, school food, preschool and child care, unions, children, after school, industry and agricultural groups.  These organizations have joined together again in 2009 to advocate on behalf of the child nutrition programs.

The Statement of Principles outlines the goals of the CN Forum.  There are three key issues that the members of the CN Forum are asking Congress to enact legislation that:

  1. Assures and strengthens program access and supports participation by underserved children and communities.
  2. Enhances nutrition quality and provides adequate meal reimbursements; and,
  3. Modernizes technology and simplifies program administration and operation.

To view the detailed statement, please click on the CN Forum Statement of Principles link.

Why is it important for your school district, SNA chapter, or state association to sign on to the Statement?  Individually, each organization is a small voice.  When united, these groups are much louder and therefore, much more effective.  The CN Forum is comprised of many very diverse organizations, ranging from very large groups such as the American Dietetic Association and the American Federation of Teachers to many small national and local organizations including the Afterschool Alliance, Mazon – A Jewish Response to Hunger, the Peoria, Ill. Area Food Bank, and the First Congregational Church of Essex Junction, Vermont.

Please encourage your state association, your school district, even the local civic or religious organization you are a member of, to sign on to the CN Forum Statement of Principles.  United together, we can accomplish great things for our children.