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For those Keeping Score - Over 30 Issues and Growing

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We are almost a third of the way into 2009, and more and more priorities and 'wish lists' are appearing for child nutrition reauthorization. We thought we would try to list them all here - or at least a good number of them. Space won’t allow us to go into much detail but this will give you a sense of the scope and variety of topics being discussed. These are the issues and policy agendas of a wide variety of groups that would like to see changes made to the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program this year through the reauthorization process.
We will start with SNA: the legislative issue paper has already been discussed on the blog (funding and nutrition standards stand out as the two big issues), but the issue paper addendum with a variety of other issues is still in development.  The addendum, which will be vetted by SNA’s Public Policy and Legislation Committee and approved by the SNA Board of Directors, will categorize and prioritize issues in addition to those outlined in the 2009 Legislative Issue Paper.
SNA also works closely with two large coalitions. The first, the Child Nutrition Forum, has reauthorization goals around improving access to nutritious foods in schools, child care centers and homes, in afterschool programs, on weekends, during the summer, and in the home; enhancing the nutritional environment to promote healthy eating habits for women and children (includes WIC); and modernizing and streamlining program operations to improve program integrity and efficiency. Read the complete statement of principles here.
SNA also is active in the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, with key priorities on funding, nutrition standards, wellness policies, and nutrition education. Read the full list through this link.
Among the many issues being advocated for:

  • Setting a minimum price for meals (MLM) and regulating indirect cost allocation (K-12 Foodservice)
  • Formalizing permission for school nutrition directors to offer organic and hormone free milk (Food and Water Watch)
  • Banning processed meats from commodity program/NSLP, reworking the commodity program, nutrition standards (PCRM, Cancer Project)
  • Vegan school meal options (PETA)
  • Nutrition standards, nutrition curriculum, reworking the commodity program and nutrition labeling (Earth Day Network)
  • Organic and locally grown foods, made from scratch meal, for NSLP at $5 per meal (Alice Waters)
  • Access to local foods and gardens for schools, increased reimbursement rates, nutrition education, nutrition standards (Farm to School Network, Community Food Security Coalition)
  • Salad bar in every school (United Fruit and Vegetable Association)
  • School Food Corps of culinary students to work in school nutrition programs (Michael Pollan)
  • Whole grain food promotion
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable promotion
  • Education/Certification Requirement for School Nutrition Directors/Professionals
  • Alternative to Cows’ Milk
  • Local Wellness Policy Evaluation/Enforcement
  • Food Safety Inspection Frequency
  • Food Recall Enhancement and Prevention
  • Training for School Nutrition Professionals
  • Length of Lunch Period and Time of Day
  • Recess Before Lunch
  • Claiming and Eligibility Error, Waste, Fraud, Abuse Prevention
  • Various Fat Levels of Milk
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