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USDA Responds to Unpaid Meal Charges

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February 18, 2014 – Recently, USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services, Kevin Concannon sent a letter to state school officers on the topic of unpaid meal charges. Within the letter USDA points to the recent incident in Utah on the topic of unpaid meal charges. 

USDA provides different scenarios placing the expectation on state and local officials to establish workable solutions as well as encourages the option of utilizing the community eligibility provision in areas with a high free and reduced population.

USDA stated that it plans to utilize national survey data from approximately 1,500 food authority directors which will provide a better understanding of the range of school policies in existence, including offering alternate meals as well as the extent of lost revenues from unpaid meals. The letter also mentioned convening a multidisciplinary working group in the near future to solicit best practices and other recommendations in this area.

In response, SNA has sent a letter to Under Secretary Concannon offering its assistance in this matter and to also offer SNA members as a resource and member in serving on the multidisciplinary working group. 

Click here to review the letter from Concannon.
Click here to review SNA’s response.

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