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USDA Releases Proposed Rule on Competitive Foods

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On February 1, 2013, USDA released a proposed rule to develop a national policy on the sale of competitive foods in schools. 

Last fall, in preparation for the rule, SNA assembled a competitive foods task force comprised of operators from each region, and industry members.  Now that the proposed rule has been released, the task force has been activated and will begin the process of reviewing the proposal and gathering information and comments to respond to USDA.   This diverse task force is charged with developing a response that reflects the comments and concerns of the entire SNA membership.

The competitive foods proposal will be a key topic of conversation at LAC.  The task force will be represented and will gather comments from LAC attendees.  Please note that this will be just one of the ways to submit comments to SNA.

Click here for the USDA press release.
Click here for the full text of the proposed rule.
Click here for the SNA press release.

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