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Happy (Early) 4th and Just One Week till ANC 2011!

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Happy 4th of July weekend! Do you and your family have good food, lots of sun, fireworks and fun times on the agenda for this weekend? We hope it is a wonderful weekend, as well as a relaxing break before ramping up to attend the school nutrition event of the year! That’s right, ANC is just over a week away! Can you believe it?! SNA staff hardly can, but that’s not to say we’re not ready to put on one great conference for you and your school nutrition peers! And we know we’re not the only ones excited… we’ve been hearing lots of feedback from members about just how ready they are to—in keeping with our conference theme—“CONNECT in Nashville!”

Photo: The Food Channel/David Nehmer

Here’s what ANC Program Chair Cindy Brooks is saying about ANC:

“OMG, I can hardly believe ANC Nashville is just a week away! It has been the vision of SNA President Nancy Rice for this past year to provide quality educational sessions and networking opportunities through SNA meetings… and ANC Nashville will be no exception! There is always one conference that stands out in your mind, and I’m quite certain when you return home from Nashville, ANC 2011 will be that conference you always remember! If you’re still on that fence deciding whether you should attend or not… remember, it’s not too late to register onsite for the conference. So, I suggest you leap off that fence, pack your bags and join thousands of your school nutrition peers at ANC! Also, don’t forget to practice the dance for the Flash Mob that will take place on Monday and Wednesday during the conference. See ya’ll in Nashville!”

We also hope that you remember that ANC is the place to engage your mind, celebrate your passion and nourish your future! Actually, there are so many words to sum up ANC. Inspire, Empower, Renew—the possibilities are limitless at ANC!

So what three words would you use to describe ANC? Or what three words describe what you hope to take away from your conference experience?




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