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Take Your Career to the Next Level at ANC 2011

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Are you interested in applying for initial certification? Well, why not make even more of your ANC educational experience by signing up for the core course pre-conference sessions being offered at ANC 2011. SNA once again will be offering both “Nutrition 101” and “Food Safety & Sanitation: Serving It Safe” at ANC to give you a convenient way to meet SNA Level 1 Certification requirements. What a big opportunity to kick start your efforts to take your career to the next level and to demonstrate your commitment to providing nutritious school meals to children all over the country!

Already certified and looking to move up a level? SNA will be offering Key Area Hours for the ANC Education Program and you can earn additional hours by signing up for a pre-conference session, including “Back to the Future with Scratch Cooking” or “Produce: Get it Local and Keep it Safe.”

ANC is also an opportunity to earn your School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) designation. The SNS Credentialing Exam will be administered at ANC on Sunday, July 10, providing you the opportunity to enhance your professional image and add credibility to your program! Please note: The SNS exam being administered at ANC is the newly updated exam and those interested in taking the exam should refer to the NEW SNS Credentialing Handbook. This exam registration deadline is June 20th!

If you’re already registered for ANC, you can still add a pre-conference session to your registration. You can even register onsite at the conference, though we recommend that you register in advance, since pre-conference workshops do have limited space. To learn more about how you can become a part of an elite group of SNA certified or SNS credentialed professionals, click here.

Have you participated in a pre-conference training at ANC before?

Which pre-conference session looks the most interesting to you this year?



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