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Dear Boss: Send Me to ANC Nashville!

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Your district, like many others, is likely looking for ways to reduce costs and to ensure that the money it spends to meet students’ needs goes as far as possible. But professional development is important, too, and this year’s ANC in Nashville is designed to connect you to the skills, strategies and solutions you need to energize your program, entice your students and enhance your career.

So, why not ask your supervisor to send you to ANC to ensure that you’ll gain valuable ideas and suggestions to bring back to your district? Tracks in operations, nutrition, administration and communications and marketing, as well as sessions on other key topics, such as the HealthierUS School Challenge, USDA Foods and food allergies, will provide you with cost-effective essential training and knowledge that also can be used back home. And if you’re looking to become SNA Level I certified, the “Nutrition 101” and “Food Safety & Sanitation” core courses offered as pre-conference sessions will give you a convenient way to meet your requirements. If you’re already certified and looking to move up a level, ANC provides Key Area Hours for the Education Program.

The sample below (see Related Links) is a template for a letter you might consider submitting to your supervisor to let him/her know about how important it is that you attend ANC Nashville. As school nutrition professionals work together to provide healthy yet affordable meal options for all students and as school meals face scrutiny from those who do not understand the full scope of the school nutrition profession, training and professional development remain as important as ever. Feel free to tailor the information as suggested to your and your district’s own needs.

If your letter to your supervisor convinces him/her of the value of ANC and you plan to be in attendance in Nashville, let us know in the comments!

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