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Pottawatomie County is Ready for ANC! Are You?

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Are you ready for ANC 2010 in Dallas? Believe it or not, there are just three short weeks remaining until school nutrition professionals nationwide will start packing their bags and boarding planes to make their way to the Big D for a conference that will be as professionally and personally enriching as it will be fun and reenergizing. Whether you deplane at Love Field or Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, arrive by public transportation or navigate traffic and arrive by car, upon getting to Dallas, you will find yourself in the company of thousands of your peers.

One such group of school nutrition colleagues who will be in attendance at ANC are the 14 members of the Pottawatomie County (Okla.) School Nutrition Association (PCSNA). SNA recently spoke with PCSNA President Maria Isenhower and learned that while gathering the funds for all PCSNA members to attend was no easy task, all it required was a little creative thinking. To cover the costs, the team put their heads together and decided to hold a “Bread Sale” once a month from November 2009 to May 2010. Together they created tasty, nutritious items made from whole grain products, including Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Hot Rolls. At the conclusion of this unique fundraiser, they had raised enough funds to cover 65% of all costs associated with attending, including housing and transportation. That just goes to show that even a small idea can end up being a very BIG IDEA!

The entire PCSNA crew (11 of which will be first time attendees!) is countdown mode and can hardly wait. In fact, the group is so excited about the education and networking opportunities that ANC will provide, that they have already started planning the “Bread Sale” fundraiser for ANC 2011 in Nashville. “Being able to relate to people who work in the school nutrition profession as we do is what we’re most excited about,” said Maria Isenhower.

PCSNA members, we can’t wait to see you in the Big D! Does your school or district have a unique story about attending ANC? Share your story with us! 

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