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ANC 2010: Section Meeting Preview (Part 2)

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In addition to providing valuable information, the ANC Membership Section Meetings are perhaps one of your best opportunities to connect with like-minded colleagues from districts around the country, with whom you can discuss shared challenges and exchange best-practice solutions. As you can see, there is certain a lot on tap for College, Employee/Manager and State Agency members this year!

College Section Meeting, Monday, July 12, 4:30–5:30 pm
SNA College Sections members have a great opportunity! With increasing media coverage and increased public interest in school nutrition, more students are likely to be interested/attracted to this field. This year's College Section meeting at ANC will provide school nutrition educator and student members the chance to learn about programs like the SNS Internship program that are capitalizing on this opportunity. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss other ways of enhancing the connection between academia and practice in the field of school nutrition. This interactive session is sure to generate interesting ideas that will help strengthen the next generation of school nutrition professional!

Employee/Manager Section Meeting, Wednesday, July 14, 3:45–5:15 pm
Efrain Guerrero (aka “Happy”) will be the presenter at the Employee/Manager section meeting. Happy will inspire, motivate and make you laugh to the point of tears as he demonstrates how to develop a positive self esteem and outlook on life. What a great way to wrap up ANC 2010 by attending this uplifting and good-old Texas hospitality presentation. Happy is a legend in the Lone Star State and you will want to pack some of his wisdom back in your saddle bag before heading home.

State Agency Section Meeting, Wednesday, July 14, 3:45–5:45 pm
The State Agency section discussion will provide highlights on Child Nutrition Reauthorization, Administration proposals and an opportunity for extensive Q&A for state agency representatives to speak with USDA officials. An update from the National Food Service Management Institute will also be provided.

For more details about the annual session for your SNA membership section, please check the onsite ANC Program Guide.

Are you looking forward to reconnecting with old friends….or gaining new ones…during ANC 2010? Or perhaps you have a story of a friendship gained from a previous ANC. Share it in the comments section!

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