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From Reduced Fat to Whole Grains to Gluten Free, Big Name Brands Bring More than Just Variety to the Table

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Every year, the ANC exhibit hall brings together the best in school nutrition. But this year’s will be hard to top.  Who knew school nutrition could be so creative and forward thinking!

Walking around the hall was an experience in itself. Not only did I fulfill my daily nutritional requirements thanks to the endless supply of booth samples, (bless the maker of pre-made PB&J whole wheat sandwiches) but I got to check out some of the most advanced technology and software the industry has to offer, like touch screen computer hardware for cafeteria POS systems and advanced application scanning.

Sustainability was another big theme present throughout the hall.  Safety and sanitation companies have truly gone green in their efforts to provide sustainable HACCP, food safety and sanitation solutions for school nutrition programs.  Other vendors introduced state-of-the-art energy efficient convection ovens which are taking the place of deep fat fryers across the country. 

Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind experience. I can’t wait for next year’s ANC in Dallas, TX! 

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