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Inspiring Speakers at ANC 2009

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Hello from Jody Houston, your ANC Program Co-Chair!

It's critical, especially in the school nutrition profession, that when you get knocked down, you get right back up again. The first two ANC general session speakers, Robin Crow and Jeannette Walls, are two excellent examples of such persistence. They each experienced their own share of setbacks on their way to success and I’m sure they’ll offer plenty of insights for us as we prepare for a new school year full of challenges and opportunities.

Robin Crow (Opening General Session)
I have long appreciated the music of Neil Diamond, Faith Hill, The Judds, and more recently, Taylor Swift. But I was surprised to learn that each of these artists recorded their beautiful music in a studio built from the ground up by Robin Crow. Although Robin started off as a solo guitarist and national recording artist, he found himself with a family to support, penniless and without a job at the age of 40. Somehow he mustered the drive and ambition to build a studio that has set the gold standard for excellence in the recording industry.

Jeannette Walls (Second General Session)
I read Jeannette’s book as I traveled through Virginia a couple of summers ago, and was struck by the different lives that we’ve led. Having grown up middle class, I wasn’t prepared to read about Jeannette’s life of abject poverty. Her home could barely stand and food was sometimes a luxury, but it was a story I just couldn’t put down. Thank goodness it had a happy ending for Jeannette, who faced her fears and made her life a success.

As with Robin and Jeannette, we all most endure our own share of hardships….but I believe these hardships can inspire us to be better and help us excel at what we do. That’s why I can’t wait for ANC 2009, because I always leave ready to face obstacles at home and at work. I wonder what I’ll be inspired to overcome this year?! What obstacles do you hope to overcome?

Jody Houston
ANC Steering Committee Co-Chair

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