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Make the most out of the Exhibit Hall!

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Hi, my name is Pat McCoy and I am the industry representative to the Board of Directors and an employee of The Schwan Food Company. I wanted to take this opportunity to invite everyone to this year’s ANC in Las Vegas!

The Exhibit Hall is a great place to see old friends and find new products that will jump start your sales next fall. I would encourage all school nutrition professionals to come to the show with a list of specific things that will help you achieve your goals and objectives for the year and then collaborate with your industry partners to find solutions to these needs. If you can come away with just a few key ideas that you can implement, it quickly will payback the cost of the entire conference. Perhaps you may even what to share some of your ideas/needs on this blog so your industry partners can prepare in advance to meet these needs.

New industry members working the exhibits will need to come with their “A” game and be well versed on their products. School nutrition professionals will be asking a lot of questions about nutrition, pricing, distribution, commodities and applications for lunch and breakfast programs. To make good use of the show hours, it’s important that you to convey this information in an efficient and effective manner. When the show hours are over, be sure to participate in the many informative education sessions that are available. The more up to date you are on the key issues of the day, the better resource you can be to your customers in the future.

Last but not least, take full advantage of the great people that are so passionately involved in this business. Enjoy the exciting nightlife and network with the many other professionals participating in the conference. Many will become your friends for life!

I look forward to seeing you all in Vegas!
Pat McCoy
SNA Industry Representative


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