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The School Nutrition Foundation, in partnership with the National Dairy Council, presents, “Building Partnerships between Schools and Chefs.”

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August 21, 2013 – If you are thinking about working with a chef or are curious how a chef could assist your program, this presentation is for you!

Join us as we follow Jefferson County Public Schools (KY), Knox County Public Schools (TN) and Charleston County School District (SC) to hear how collaborative school-chef partnerships have enhanced these child nutrition programs.

Join us for a 20-minute tour and have a better idea of how to:

  • Get started and find the right chef for your program
  • Set realistic goals for working with a chef
  • Learn how to build lasting partnerships that result in creating a positive environment for change

By working with a chef, these three districts have seen measurable results including increased participation, staff acceptance and engagement, as well as district wide change in education efforts and the perception of school nutrition.

To learn more about how to view the presentation, visit the Beyond Breakfast blog!

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