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USDA Releases Memo and Validation Review Checklists for School Lunch and Breakfast to Ensure Compliance with the Meal Pattern

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On August 8, 2012, the USDA released prototypes of validation review checklists for compliance with the meal pattern.  These are prototype lunch and breakfast Validation  Review Checklists which support the School Year (SY) 2012-13.  As indicated in the interim rule, during a validation review, State agencies must observe a meal service for each type of certified menu (i.e., each distinct menu by age grade grouping) and review the production records for observed meals to ensure the meal service meets the updated meal pattern requirements and is consistent with the menu/documentation on which certification was based.  State agencies are instructed to provide technical assistance and if corrective action is immediate, then the School Food Authority may continue to earn the 6 cents.   To read further about the checklists state agencies will be utilizing see the links below. 

USDA Memo Discussing Prototypes of Breakfast and Lunch Validation Review Checklists
Lunch Validation Review Checklists
Breakfast Validation Review Checklists

These materials as well as further information and resources regarding the meal pattern are available on


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