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Your Big Ideas for School Nutrition II

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Over 300 excellent were submitted to the ANC Big Ideas Sweepstakes and thank you for all of your wonderful entries. Here are some of the BIG ideas sent in by your colleagues on how to help school nutrition programs thrive:

“Use holidays and special weeks to emphasize nutrition related ideas. For example, at Halloween let students draw a fruit monster then talk about fruit.” – Sara Burgess, Laurens County School District 55, South Carolina

“Call, visit or write to your legislators (federal, state and/or local) and invite them to come and have lunch at school and raise awareness of limited budgets and facilities. We should also be proud to show how we are feeding our children the most nutritious and appealing meals we can.”Kathy Zipperstein, SNS, Beaumont USD, California

“Color code the food items on the line to coincide with the food pyramid colors and instruct children that they need to have at least three colors on their tray.” – Judith Gallo, Flagler County Public Schools, Florida

“We offer the parents in our district a "Lunch Lay-Away" program every summer. Parents can apply money to their children’s accounts all summer and if they pay for half or the entire year of lunches they receive 10 or 20 "free days.” This alleviates a lot of charging issues and helps our cash flow.” – Barbara Bumgardner, SNS, Middleton School District #134, Idaho

“The best way to view student eating habits is to ‘Walk About’ the cafeteria as students eat. You can see what’s being eaten, what’s not and talk to the students about healthy choices and show you care.  The ‘Walk About’ helps shape our menu.” – Cheryl Dixon, Kittery School Department, Maine

“Sometimes we may not be feeling up to par and then it is easier to frown instead of smile. We place a mirror near our serving line so we can remind ourselves to smile as we welcome our students through the lunch lines. Customer service is key!" – Kimberley Holloway, Washington County Public Schools, Virginia

“We have added carrot and celery sticks on the serving line. Students may take as many or as little as they want for free. We also offer ranch dressing to go with the veggies, but shhh they don’t know its reduced fat!” – Doris Dunham, Manchester-Shortsville CSD, New York

All ideas are Big Ideas and we had many excellent and innovative submissions on critical topics like customer service, school breakfast participation and nutrition. Keep an eye out for your big ideas at ANC this summer, as highlights will be displayed around the Dallas Convention Center.


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