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New to Blogging? Learn How to Comment

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So, let's say you read something here on the Viva Las Vegas, Viva ANC! Blog that you’d like to comment on. How would you go about doing that?

Begin by reading what's already been said—a good comment will build on what the post author has written, as well as previous comments. These “virtual conversations” are a great opportunity to share with and learn from a much wider network than you typically have access to in person.

Log in to the website—after reading what others have said, log in to the website to comment. If you are already logged in, look for “Comment” field at the end of each new post. Your first and last name will be displayed along with your comment. Although anyone can view your comments, only SNA members have the ability to participate in the discussion.

Add to the conversation—now it’s your turn to comment. This is where you can share your thoughts and speak your mind. Aim to go beyond comments like, “Nice post,” and instead share your insights, experiences and ideas to the conversation. This will help to stimulate the discussion and may even lead to you building connections and relationships with your school nutrition peers, with whom you can meet up with while at ANC. Please respect the community-building aspect of this blog and confine your comments to appropriate feedback. Inappropriate comments will be removed.
Follow the conversation—be sure to check back on the blog regularly for important ANC updates and tips, and to keep track of what’s happening with the conversation.


The Value of Attending ANC 2009

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Because budgets are tight for everyone and training for school nutrition professionals of all levels is more important that ever right now, SNA has been working with the official ANC hotels to make attendance more affordable for SNA members and exhibitors. I’m pleased to report that new rates are $119 per night for Mandalay Bay, $149 per night for THEhotel, and $59 per night for the Luxor.

ANC is the one event I make sure is on my calendar every year. I find that it benefits not only my career, but also my program and the students we serve each day. Here are just a few reasons why I continue to find value in attending ANC year after year.

- The wide variety of education sessions. This year’s sessions will address everything from charge policies and behavior-changing nutrition education, to food allergies and financial management during tight economic times.
- The exposure to a full array of vendors and products all under one roof. The ANC Exhibit Hall allows me quickly compare products and resolve issues with vendors.
- The opportunity to meet professionals who represent districts from all corners of the country—friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise ever met. At ANC, I often work through operational problems and issues I’m having simply by talking with peers.

For those of you who are regular ANC attendees like me, why do YOU come back year after year? Share your thoughts below!

Katie Wilson
SNA President

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