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What does ANC mean to you?

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What does ANC mean to our members? Education, new food products, and friendship.  Find out more by reading some of the postcards we received as part of the ANC 2009 Postcard Sweepstakes.

“ANC 2008 Philadelphia - This was my first ANC.  It was fantastic!!!  One of my favorite classes was on Introducing New Foods – Great Grains.  I love to see kids try new foods, and sometimes they actually like the new item and incorporate it into their diet.”

Sabrina Jewell, Henderson County, KY


“I love going to the conferences.  The one I have enjoyed the most so far was last summer in Philly.  I have attended several conferences; state and national and they seem to get better each year… can’t wait for Vegas! 

I am an elementary cafeteria manager and I love my job and most of all the children…you meet a different one everyday…they change your outlook on life.  Hope to see everyone in Vegas, 2009!”

Elizabeth Jones, Oldham County, KY


“My most memorable child nutrition moment was my first ANC in 2004.  I was a 24 year old, fresh out of college CN Director taking on the world and all of those in it who attempted to bring harm to child nutrition!  When I stepped into the first general session I was so overwhelmed with joy.  Before me was an army of “Child Nutrition Superheroes” geared up to fight right along side me!  It was awesome!

Leuna Johnson, Assumption Parish, LA


“Chicago (2007) was my first ANC.  Until going there, I didn’t realize how many dedicated people there are making sure kids get nutritious meals.  You could tell they all really cared.”

Debbie Taylor, Great Falls, MT

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