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New SNA Media Outreach Best Practices Guide

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School Nutrition Association has a new resource for members interested in earning positive media coverage for their school meal programs.  SNA’s Media Outreach Best Practices Guide offers tips from members of SNA’s Spokesperson Network - school nutrition professionals with extensive experience in media relations.  The guide contains ideas for capturing the media’s attention, preparing your cafeteria for a press event and getting the good news out about the healthy, delicious meals you serve.  

To read SNA’s Media Outreach Best Practices Guide and other PR resources, including talking points, handouts and more, visit

USDA Releases New Guidance on Paid Lunch Equity

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The US Department of Agriculture has released new guidance regarding Paid Lunch Equity for School Year 2013-2014.  The guidance clarifies that state agencies can exempt school meal programs from the paid lunch revenue requirements if they “can demonstrate that the required increase to paid lunch prices or revenue contributions would cause the SFA to exceed the three-month operating balance limit.”  The guidance also expands the definition of a non-Federal source of funds to include paid breakfasts.  Click here to read the complete guidance memo.  SNA is reviewing the guidance and will post further information.

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