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Dear Boss: Send Me to ANC Las Vegas!

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Your district, like many others, is likely looking for ways to reduce costs and to ensure that the money it spends to meet students’ needs goes as far as possible. But professional development is important, too, and this year’s ANC in Las Vegas promises to provide bang for the buck.

So, why not ask your supervisor to send you to ANC to ensure that you’ll gain valuable ideas and suggestions to bring back to your district? Tracks in financial management, as well as sessions on other hot topics, such as Farm to School and the 2009 reauthorization, will provide you with cost-effective essential training and knowledge that can also be used back home.

The letter in this blog entry, attached in Word, is a template for a letter you might consider submitting to your supervisor to let him/her know about how important it is that you attend ANC Las Vegas, especially in these difficult economic times as school nutrition professionals work together to provide healthy meal options for all students. Feel free to tailor the information as suggested to your and your district’s own needs.

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