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A Message from CNIC Co-Chair Jean Ronnei

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Wow, I’m so excited how the CNIC program has evolved into one fantastic succession of events. Talk about sessions that are on the cutting edge of what's happening in school nutrition, with dynamic and innovative speakers who will enlighten each of us with their experiences and knowledge. As an operator, I know I’m not alone when it comes to dealing with a multitude of issues day in and day out. Well, I think CNIC 2010 will nail some of those top concerns on the head and we’ll all walk away with plenty of ready-to-use ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for what we do.

Although the conference is still 7 weeks away, I’m charged up and ready to go! Just ask me about any of the sessions in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to tell you about them. I’m personally looking forward to “New World Expectations: No Hormones, No Preservatives, Go Green and Turn a Few Cartwheels.” Isn’t that the best title? It certainly sums up a lot of what is going on in this demanding profession. See you at CNIC in January!

Jean Ronnei
CNIC Program Co-Chair

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